California Garden - From Humble Beginnings to Mid East Brand Leader

After graduating with a  Food Science degree from California Polytechnic University, in San Luis Obisbo, California, I  had the good fortune to work for a food machinery company that I learned a lot from.  I travelled all over the world visiting food processing facilities and was responsible for selling machinery to the Middle East.  Then, thirty years ago I had the opportunity to start a small food company in California to supply the Middle East, Far East, and Africa with quality canned goods from the U.S.A.  Thus California Garden brand was born.

From humble beginnings, we started selling 3 sku's, mainly California canned fruits…then we introduced to the Middle East a quality canned Fava Beans from California.  It was our first big success.  We were competing with local and imported Chinese canned goods brands.  The market demanded quality products at a fair price.  We then used our creativity to introduce flavors of canned favas.  We developed these products to fit the local tastes.  It was a hit in the marketplace. 

We then entered into a licensing agreement with a local company Kuwait Food Company and built a first class food processing plant in Dubai.   This year we are celebrating our one billionth can produced.

We are pleased to say that more than one million families
across the Middle East eat our products daily.

Our fava beans were and still are our main product line but over the past years, we have expanded our range.  We have introduced over 200 items to the market.  Our tuna is now one of the best in the market and we have either no. 1 or no. 2 market share positions across most markets in the Middle East.  Our Ready-to-Eat appetizer line includes favorites such as our Stuffed Vine Leaves and our Giant Beans in Tomato Sauce along with other authentic recipes. 

We understand that both quality and convenience are critical to consumers so we pack using both cans and microwavable trays.  Our beautifully packaged trays are gaining popularity the World over.  The same can be said for our Lebanese Halawa and Tahina lines.  Our spices are formulated so the consumer can be worry free in preparing their favorite Mediterranean dish.  Our range also includes great canned and bottled fruits, vegetables, juices, olives, olive oil, salad dressings and many other items.

We strive to offer the World's retailers and consumers a complete range of Mediterranean and Middle-Eastern foods.  Our set, which focuses on quality and convenience, is sure to be a hit among those around the World that are hungry for authentic, healthy and convenient foods.

We are proud of our products and we love what we do.